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Spartan and the Green Egg: The Reefs of Mindoro Island, Book 2, book cover
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Kids  ISBN: 978-0-6155013-2-1

Spartan and the Green Egg, Book 2: The Reefs of Mindoro Island

By Nabila Khashoggi.
Illustrated by Manuel Cadag.

With a friendly alien spaceship called Egg always close by, Spartan, his three friends, and his dog, Grimm, continue their adventures traveling the Universe.

In Book 2, The Reefs of Mindoro Island, the team of explorers goes to the South China Sea and visits the beautiful isle of Mindoro. It is the seventh-largest island in the Philippine archipelago where thousands of miles of precious coral reefs, abundant with wildlife, are in danger. Spartan and his friends face a challenging mission: to stop some reckless and avaricious fishermen from blowing up the very fragile coral reefs with explosives. They befriend a brave young girl from the traditional Iraya Mangyan tribe and are presented with a dilemma: in order to save paradise, they must take a huge risk.


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