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Nabila Khashoggi

Nabila Khashoggi

Born in the Mediterranean and raised in Europe, Nabila Khashoggi is the founder of NABILA K, a lifestyle line of luxury skin care, home ambiance and personal products.

When her eldest son was a toddler, she used to entertain him with made-up stories about a boy who traveled the world inside a live green egg that just so happened to be an alien from another planet. She turned the tales into a colorful children¹s graphic novel series, Spartan and the Green Egg, with the intention of introducing children to environmental and cultural themes around the world.

A portion of all proceeds from the Spartan and the Green Egg book series, toys and accessories is donated to The Children for Peace ONLUS. Based in Italy, this non-governmental organization helps young people worldwide who are living in challenging circumstances obtain their essential needs such as food, medical help and educational opportunities. Nabila currently lives in New York and has two sons.

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