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Operation Bumpkin Birthday, book cover
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Kids  ISBN: 978-1-7040637-0-6

Operation Bumpkin Birthday

By Petrina Khashoggi.

Three brothers, Snitch, Snatch and Sketch, are tired of foraging for scraps of food in the subway where they live. It’s not easy being a rat. One night, they go on an adventure through the city so that they will never go hungry again. After arriving at a house belonging to the Bumpkin family, they discover that a birthday party is taking place the next day for ten-year-old Horatio. The brothers hatch a clever plot to join the festivities and get the maximum amount of food – without getting caught. But one greedy brother spoils things with a plan of his own.


Sally walker

What an adorable book! I hope here are more of these adventures coming. Beautiful illustrations too!

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