Opened book with a wonderful world inside.
Cover of Oak: Rise of the Spring Son
Young Adults  ISBN: 9780996642262

OAK (Book 1): Rise of the Spring son

By Al Diaz.

A young apprentice shaman, Totem Strongheart, was rescued 20 years ago when the Titan of Spring, OAK, discovered the teenager in a ravine clinging to life. Oak’s creator, Terra, the Deity of Spring caught wind of information that the two had befriended one another, as It is Deity law for Titans to avoid any interactions with Humans. Oak paid the ultimate price when his life was revoked by Terra for his insubordination, after being warned multiple times regarding this rule. Two decades pass during Oak’s absence and Totem is now experienced enough to resurrect the former Titan to life through a bond of friendship. Oak and Totem are now reunited to restore the balance of justice and defend Earth. A new chapter begins…


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