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Al Diaz

Al Diaz

Al Diaz began his career as a young graffiti artist in New York City, during the 1980’s, but evolved into a cartoonist as the 90’s rolled in. Diaz was selected to protégé for the legendary Joe Orlando from a course Joe instructed at the School of Visual Arts. Eventually, Diaz created original titles, “Oak” and “Tattoo” which were independently published before he dedicated himself to the disciplines of brands and intellectual properties for DC Comics, Marvel, Disney, Warner Brothers and a plethora of other television and film licenses for 20 years.

This led to Diaz being courted by the aforementioned companies, where he worked on numerous projects. He was hired by Def Jam to create their first website; which went on to win the AOL award for “Best New Website” of the year, for three consecutive years.

In mid 2014, he corralled his original concepts, talents and expertise alongside his brother, Javi Diaz, in their latest venture, “El Capitán Ink”. The studio is not only an art and design lab, but it’s also the incubator for several intellectual properties in development. The Diaz Brothers launch Oak’s 20th anniversary return to a young adult audience via Full Cycle Publications.

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