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Blog 01.08.2019

What Makes A Good Children’s Book?

More than ever, children need to become engaged with reading from an early age. Reading from an early age exposes children to new concepts and helps stimulate their growing minds while fostering their sense of self. For this reason, it is important for parents to introduce their kids to reading as soon as possible. But how do you do that, right? Parents have many options to introduce reading to their children, especially when kids have different tastes, though all kids start reading more when they have a good reason to read. A good book often makes most children excited about reading each day, as does having a shared experience with their parent reading with and to them.

What Makes A Good Children’s Story?

There are many elements that make up a good children’s book. A good children’s book is said to share qualities with the best-known novels written for adults. Today, a lot of good children’s books exist, so they are not hard to find. In fact, often the only hard part about finding good children’s books is settling on just one to read to a child. A well-written children’s book, for example, is considered a good book by readers of all ages and not just children. A children’s book should ultimately make sense and have story elements that make the story relatable to all readers. A good, simple to understand story plot and strong, relatable characters are often found in the best children’s books.

Characters make up a good part of why children’s book can be good. Some of the most popular characters in the world come from different backgrounds and have very different appearances. They also have character traits that kids can relate to. Many children like to look up to these characters and may grow to see themselves in them. A good children’s story also gives kids an opportunity to learn something. The most well-known children’s books show kids how to do things, or how to interact with their surroundings. Good children’s books ultimately let kids explore other worlds and other viewpoints. These stories make children excited to read over and over again. Coupled with vivid illustrations and descriptions, a good children’s story can stir a child’s active imagination in unique ways.

The Elements of A Good Children’s Story

Some editors say a good children’s book tells a story in just 32 pages. Within these pages, the story establishes relatable kid-friendly characters, coupled with colorful imagery and interesting storytelling. Interesting storytelling makes children want to continue reading. There are a number of classic children’s books that incorporate tried and true concepts, and even complicated concepts, that still captivate kids to this day. Memorable illustrations also help readers to remember classic children’s stories.

These illustrations combine symbolism and easy to understand concepts that help bring the story to life. Some elements that comprise a good children’s book are pacing and rhyming. These elements are essential for helping children internalize the beats of a good story. When using those elements along with good illustrations, an author can create a good children’s story that kids will want to read for years to come.

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