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Blog 04.16.2019

Unusual Spots to Write Your Next Book

It should come as no surprise that many authors are a bit eccentric. While Hemingway and J.K. Rowling notoriously preferred the comfort of writing from a familiar café or pub, there are far stranger places that can inspire literary genius. Discovering a truly unique place might just help you as you write your own books.

5 Unusual Locations To Write Your Next Book

Writers often rely on their surroundings to help them create their works of art. If coffee shops and your home office don’t suffice, then try these five unusual spots as you work on your next book.

A Hotel Room. Like a marathon runner relying on the right playlist, sometimes writers need a little monetary inspiration to find their literary stride. Booking a hotel room for a night might just give you the financial push that you need to open your mind and let the words flow from your fingertips. If you want, you can cater to your inner Maya Angelou by removing all of the distracting items from the wall. However, if you don’t want to spend money on a hotel room, then try the hotel lobby. No matter the star level, or its location, a hotel lobby is often the perfect place for people watching, idea generation, and the inspiration needed to help overcome writer’s block.

A Prison. Marquis de Sade notably wrote his classic, Justine, when he was behind bars. His writing location, while not chosen, did give him the inspiration needed for his extreme visions of personal liberty. Although, you shouldn’t feel as if you have to land yourself in prison simply to write your next book. Instead, you could perhaps choose to tour Alcatraz in the United States, The Tower of London in the United Kingdom, or Chateau D’If in France. During your tour, skip the souvenir shop and instead find a quiet nook where you can write to your heart’s content.

Lost in The Countryside. In a world where cellphones have become smart, and getting lost is harder than ever, take a moment to disconnect so that you can find your unique natural writing space in the countryside. Take, for example, the Texas Hill Country, located near San Antonio and Austin, Texas. A quick right, and then an unexpected left, followed by another bend in the road, and suddenly you will find yourself away from the hustle and bustle of nearby cities. For this unique type of location to work, you must remember to turn off your cellphone, head to an area that you don’t know, and bring only a notepad and pen. By eliminating technology (at least until you are ready to go home), you can allow nature to inspire you in more ways than one.

The Zoo. Regardless of its size or location, zoos can be an unusual yet effective place to work on your book. The animals offer a chance for you to let your mind wander, while the zoo’s natural ambiance can stimulate more than one of your senses. Zoos are also readily equipped with comfortable benches, snacks, and bathrooms, which are just a few of the necessities for a long day spent writing.

A Church, Synagogue, Or Temple. — Throughout the world, religious buildings have an unparalleled ability to inspire people of all faiths and backgrounds. Writing your book in a religious building, such as a church, synagogue, or temple, can provide you with the tranquility needed to find the right selection of words for your next literary masterpiece. Keep in mind that each religious building will have its own rules regarding attire and conduct; be sure to ask permission before you begin work.

Whether you prefer the unfamiliar surroundings of a hotel room or the confined chaos of a zoo, the above five unique locations can help you to define your literary voice as you write your next book.

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