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Blog 05.22.2019

Top Five Writer’s Organizations for Children’s Writers

J. K. Rowling’s estimated net worth is one billion dollars. You may not aspire to this level of fame with your children’s books, but you are sure to wish for as much success as possible. In the current competitive market, you cannot rely on the brilliance of your story alone to get the book noticed. The more resources you tap into, the greater your chances are of becoming an established children’s author. One of the best ways to move forward as a writer is to join a writer’s organization. These offer critique services, writing technique workshops, help in finding a literary agent, the latest industry news and more. Check out the following five best children’s writers’ organizations for more information. You may soon have your kids’ books read by millions around the world!

The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

If you write or illustrate children’s books, you are going to be interested in becoming a member of this organization. The nonprofit Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is the only professional organization in the United States for both authors and illustrators of children’s books and Young Adult books. Through events, publications and awards, the society offers established writers and illustrators the opportunity to manage their careers with a variety of helpful resources. The society helps educate new children’s book authors and illustrators.

Whether you write picture books for preschoolers or Young Adult books, you are welcome to join the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Members can:

Apply for awards and grants. The society offers members the chance to apply for 52 different awards and grants which include specific options for writers, for illustrators, for published authors and illustrators and for students. Two community scholarships are available as well.
Take advantage of promotional opportunities. Various promotional tools and services are available to members to help increase readership and sales. Advertise on the society’s Speakers Bureau online database, feature your portfolio in the online Illustrator Gallery, have your books placed on the Recommended Reading List or promote your book at the annual SCBWI BookStop event.
Get involved with regional chapters. When you join the society, you are automatically enrolled in your local regional group. You then have the opportunity of connecting with the local community by attending events like writers’ retreats, conferences, and talks by members of the industry.
Make use of information resources. Learn how to improve your craft, find out about current industry practices and more by reading member publications like The Book: Essential Guide to Publishing for Children, and regular publications like The Bulletin and Insight.

The Institute of Children’s Literature

Founded in 1969, this institute is now North America’s foremost teacher of aspiring children’s writers. The institute exclusively specializes in teaching how to write for children of all grade ranges, from young kids to teenagers. Not only does the Institute of Children’s Literature teach the craft of writing, but it also teaches students how to market their books to publishers as well. In addition, the institute publishes an excellent newsletter for children’s authors. Find several useful articles online for free from The Institute of Children’s Literature.

If you enroll with a study program, you receive one-on-one instruction from professional published writers to help you achieve success. On average, more than 300 of the institute’s students are published each year, the Institute of Children’s Literature’s success rate is clear to see. To be accepted for the Institute of Children’s Literature’s study program, you must pass a writing test.

Furthermore, students who successfully complete the program receive six college credits. This is recommended by the Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards. Regardless of where you live, the credits are received from Charter Oak State College. The credits are then submitted to any university or college.

The Children’s Writer’s Guild

This is an online community of children’s book writers, illustrators, and educators. In addition to producing a fun and thought-provoking online magazine designed as an invaluable resource for authors, the Children’s Writer Guild provides workshops, events, and gatherings. Through the guild’s resources, find help and advice on every element of producing great kids’ books.

Numerous free resources are available as well. Gain insight into the world of writing for children through the CWG blog and featured articles. Study editors’ critiques of draft manuscripts or submit your children’s stories to hopefully have them published online.

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