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Top Five Collectibles for Kids

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Heading into 2022, there was a notable increase in the number of companies producing children’s toys. More businesses are focusing on children’s toys because it is a profitable market. It offers reliability because there is always a large market of parents looking to buy new toys for their kids. Thanks to advancements in technology, it is also easier to design what used to be complex toys. Smaller businesses also have greater marketing opportunities, allowing them to advertise and sell toys across the globe.

In addition to greater toy production, toy companies are also focusing more on creating collectible toys. Collectible toys refer to any type of toy that is part of a larger group. These toys are compatible with one another and act as different parts of a set. Lego is one of the oldest examples of a collectible toy. Collectible toys are popular among children. Not only are they entertaining, but there are several benefits associated with collectible children’s toys.

Benefits of Collectible Toys

Collectible toys often play a role in emotional development. Children typically value collectible toys more because it gives them a goal to look forward to. While getting a toy is always exciting for children, the toy has greater meaning if it is part of a set. Children feel like they are accomplishing a goal by working towards completing their collection. Children are also more likely to value their collectible toys, treating them with greater care because they are part of a larger collection. This also teaches a valuable lesson about the value of items and helps children consider the longevity of their toys.

Collectible toys can also improve social skills. Children who share the same collection have an easier time interacting with each other because of their mutual interests. Depending on the collection, your children may even trade toys or share their collections with their friends.

Many parents also use collectibles as a reward for good behavior. Because children are unable to purchase their own toys, they are more likely to behave or meet their goals because it is the only way for them to expand their collection.


Hatchimals took the world by storm in 2016. Spin Masters, the company behind the craze, did not anticipate how popular the toys would become, with many stores selling out within days of receiving a shipment. Since Hatchimals were first developed, the company has made a few tweaks to refine the toys and make them more readily available, but they still go quickly, especially during the holiday season.

One of the reasons Hatchimals are such a popular collectible is the interactive element. Each Hatchimal starts out as an egg, which the child has to hatch. The process takes around 20 minutes on average. There are many different breeds of Hatchimals, but you do not know which you get until it hatches. After it hatches, it goes through five stages of life where it requires varying levels of care. Children can also teach the Hatchimal how to walk, talk and play basic games. It even responds to clapping and other subtle commands. The cost varies slightly depending on the store, with prices ranging from $20 to $60.

Spartan and the Green Egg

Spartan and the Green Egg is a popular series of children’s books written by Nabila Khashoggi. The books are fun to collect because of their unique artwork. Parents appreciate the books because they have strong environmental and moral lessons. While there are enough books for children to collect, there are also a number of toys and accessories relating to the series. Some of the other collectible options include pins, stickers, and patches.

Image of Spartan and the Green Egg book 3 by Nabila K.

Littlest Pet Shop

Littlest Pet Shop is one of the older children’s collectible toys, originally introduced in the early 90s. Part of what keeps the toy collection relevant is how much it has adapted. The base toy line is a collection of over 500 pets, ranging from common cats and dogs to reptiles, fish, birds, and even more unique animals. In addition to different species, the figures come in different sizes and colors. There are also a number of other collectibles, including virtual pets, two animated TV series and virtual pets. The extensive collection ranging over 30 years makes it difficult to complete the collection, especially since new collectibles are still being produced as of writing. The complexity of the collection also means the prices greatly vary, but the basic figures are typically packaged together in small collections, costing around $15 to $25.

Roblox Collectibles

Roblox is a popular gaming franchise for children. Roblox originally started as a customizable app which allowed children to download and even make their own games based off of the Roblox engine. The goal of the game was to build a deep, virtual universe. The project was a success, and as of writing, there are millions of Roblox users.

There are two types of collectibles available. Through the app, there are different packs, games, and character skins you can purchase. There are also physical action figures available, representing characters and settings from the game world. You can even purchase mystery boxes containing a number of different figures. The franchise has also grown to include other products, such as books and board games. Individual figures are relatively inexpensive but are typically sold in larger packs, costing around $15 to $40. There are even larger packs available that contain a bulk of the current collection, but these may cost several hundred dollars and are difficult to find.


Toy building bricks of various sizes and colors.

Lego is considered a quintessential children’s collectible, with many parents having their own Lego collection from when they were children. Today, the Lego corporation is the largest toy market in the world. Part of what makes Legos so appealing as a collectible is the number of options available. There are many themed sets, including popular franchises like Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. Children enjoy Legos because it is such a creative toy. They have the option of buying kits or purchasing a collection of pieces to make their own designs. There are also various video and board games, books, and animated shows set in the Lego universe. Lego is especially popular among parents because it is viewed as a universal gift for other children, making it a great choice for birthday parties or holiday gifts.

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