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Blog 02.14.2020

Take Advantage of Special Occasions to Sell More Books

Using Valentine’s Day to Your Book’s Advantage

When it comes to getting your book some publicity, you should keep your eyes open for any, and practically all, occasions to get it out there. One easy way to do that is to take advantage of the various holidays when they roll around. Valentine’s Day is a perfect venue for books because many consumers are looking for something meaningful, inexpensive, and special. Creating a gift basket with your book included, and selling them through local coffee shops, consignment stores, book stores, and other places where Valentine’s Day gifts may be purchased is a great idea.

Valentine’s Day Specials on Your Website

You can also create a Valentine’s Day special on your website, through your author’s blog site, or via social media. This can be where you offer gift baskets with themes that tie in with your book or offer a discount on your book if purchased in the month of February. You can literally create any sort of situation using Valentine’s Day as the backdrop. Make sure if you are planning to set up at a coffee shop or other type of venue, that you schedule well in advance of the actual date. A good rule of thumb is to schedule at least six months ahead of schedule.

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