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Blog 12.28.2023

Social Media for Authors

5 Best Social Media Sites for Authors

Today, social media has made it possible—nay, expected—for writers to keep up an ongoing conversation with their audience through all parts of the creative process. Whether you’re brainstorming, writing, editing, or promoting, you can stay in touch with your fans directly.

So which social media sites are the best for authors? Your favorite depends on your personality and writing style, but these five sites are tops with authors and writers of all genres.

1. Twitter

Twitter famously keeps posts brief at just 244 characters, which makes it perfect for writers in the throes of the creative process. You won’t get burned out posting just one tweet per day, even if you’re hashing out your next novel for hours on end. Twitter has an active literary scene, and it’s an especially good format for witty repartee. Keep your account current with regular posts to build a following that will be there when you’re ready to promote your next book.

2. Goodreads

Goodreads is a website directed squarely at readers. It offers a virtual bookshelf to stay organized and the chance to review and rate just about anything that’s ever been published. Readers can also see what their friends are reading and comment on those activities. Authors can claim their personal page to interact with readers via Q&A sessions, giveaways, and other promotions.

3. BookBub

BookBub‘s mission is to connect people to books they will love. It makes suggestions based on interests and points users toward specials and deals from online retailers. Authors are encouraged to set up a profile with a bio and a list of published books. From there, you can share book recommendations and collect followers, which can help boost sales.

4. Litsy

Litsy is a social media app designed with passionate readers and writers in mind. Connect with others, post opinions, photos and ideas about what you’re reading, and join in-depth literary discussions with other users. It’s a great way to engage with fans to discuss your work and connect with people who are interested in reading the type of work you write.

5. Facebook

It might not be the coolest, but it’s the biggest. Opening a professional account/writer’s page on Facebook means you have the broadest possible reach. With Facebook posts, you can track your engagement easily and target ads to promote new works if you like. More likes and shares cause Facebook to show a post to more users, too, so you can collect more followers organically.

No matter what social media platform you prefer, make posting a twice-weekly minimum habit. Comment on timely new stories, share a bit of your work in progress or provide a joke or inspirational quote. Not every post has to be great literature, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The important thing is to maintain a steady presence to engage your fans and build ongoing relationships that will develop into an audience for your next publication.

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