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Blog 09.27.2019

Publishing Kids Lit in the Digital Era

Digital Trends in Publishing (Children’s Lit)

According to Book Business, children’s literature is one of the most rapidly changing segments in the publishing world today. We automatically think that everything has become – or is becoming – digitized, but the digital world is enhancing sales of even hardcover books (especially for very young children under the age of three whose parents enjoy reading to them before bed). Kids today are quite influenced by media that is tied to a story, such as a film or television program that is a spin-off of a book or a story series. When a child can see his or her favorite literary character come to life on a screen, interest in reading books about that character and others is more likely to become a favorite pastime of that child.

Due to the rise of eBooks and reading apps, children are able to actively engage and interact with educational materials on a screen as they read and ponder. This technology allows children to gain excitement and instant fulfillment from reading. Because of certain educational videos and games, kids today are learning in a completely different way than previous generations. For more information on trends of this sort in children’s literature, visit this Publishing Perspectives website:

As the digital market keeps growing, books that were long out of print and almost impossible to find are finding new life on our Kindles, phones, and tablets. Kids digital books are becoming increasingly non-linear and thus more engaging. Many kids books have successfully transitioned into interactive apps, which not only broaden the appeal of reading to the younger audience, but also helps enhance their digital skills. It’s an exciting era for children and for the business of publishing children’s literature.

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