Opened book with a wonderful world inside.
The cover of z is for zebra which shows an image of a zebra created by tiles
Kids  Books  ISBN: 9780996642293

Z is for Zebra. A Mosaic Menagerie

by Judith Caseley

NEW from beloved illustrator/author, Judith Caseley, Z is for Zebra is a delightful reading romp for the very young child. With vibrant art and quirky rhymes, this sure-to-be-a favorite book uses a child’s innate love of animals to move the reader through the letters of the alphabet. Displaying gorgeous mosaics, rich with colors and details, the book presents the alphabet in an easily accessible and entertaining presentation.  Perfect for teaching the child in your life about language and the animals we share the planet with.

A delight for the mind and a visual feast for young book lovers and their parents, each page features an alphabet letter and a highly colorful animal mosaic along with quirky, funny memorable phrases. Using glass tile, pebbles, and found materials instead of her usual paints and brushes, Caseley’s words and pictures celebrate the imagination of every child, weaving her magic for the youngest would-be zoologist. It appeals to a young child’s shorter attention span and innate love for animals and color. From jeweled starfish to bright butterflies, comic giraffes to venomous vipers, this book is sure to be one your child will cherish.


George Mennella

I read Z is for Zebra to my two year old grandchild and she was entranced. I read it over and over, and she clapped her hands at her favorite animals. A must have.

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