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Spartan and the Green Egg: The Land of the Midnight Sun, book cover
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Kids  ISBN: 9781735471525

Spartan and the Green Egg, Book 5: The Land of the Midnight Sun. Hardcover – Graphic Novel.

By Nabila Khashoggi.
Illustrated by Manuel Cadag.

Adventures through the universe continue with Spartan, his three friends, his dog, Grimm and the alien spaceship Egg.

In Book 5, Land of The Midnight Sun, Egg, the friendly live alien spaceship, creatively uses an enchanting art gallery to reveal the young adventurers’ next destination. Spartan, Katie, Max, Tor, and Grimm find themselves in Greenland, home to some of the biggest glaciers on earth, and known as The Land of the Midnight Sun because, in summer, the sun never sets. Greenland’s vast and daunting landscape is almost completely covered with ice and snow.

With the help of some friendly Greenland sled dogs, they arrive in the charming village of Siorapaluk and befriend a young Inuit, Malik, and his Family. They soon learn that Malik’s father and his group have gone missing while on an expedition. The team goes in search of them, at their own risk. Before long, they are caught up in a treacherous avalanche and trapped on a glacier that has broken off from the mainland. Hope arrives from a powerful source as they bear witness to an astonishing and beautiful miracle from the Earth’s living creatures.


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