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Submissions Policy for Writers:
May 31, 2019

Submissions Policy for Illustrators

At Full Cycle Publications unsolicited submissions are welcome as long as the content submitted is in keeping with editorial guidelines. The review process can take up to three months and goes through a rigorous review process. Please review the submissions guidelines below.

Types of Illustrations Accepte

Picture Books: We publish high quality children’s books and accept submissions from illustrators who are experienced in this field. Submit the entire portfolio of children’s books artwork. If you have a finished picture book please include that in the upload as well. To submit samples, use WETransfer and send it to

Graphic Novels: Include a detailed synopsis of the novel, then upload the best series of work from that novel. Use WETransfer if the files are over 10mb.

Cover Art: We are always looking for good artists to design covers for our new titles. We welcome submissions from new and established artists. Please submit a portfolio for review, or send a link to appropriate samples. Keep in mind that we are primarily a publishing company focusing on literature for children under the age of 12. Submit similar or appropriate material for the demographic.

**All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter which can be placed in the body of the email.