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Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Blog 03.25.2019

Comic Books and Graphic Novels

When one thinks of comic books or strips, the image of a child waiting for the Sunday paper to arrive so they can enjoy the “funny papers” or, simply, the “funnies” comes to mind. These have been around since the 1920s and were a precursor to comic books but, now with digital publishing taking over and newspapers becoming almost obsolete in some households, children don’t read the funnies as religiously as they once did. Comic books are still popular but, somehow, kids today don’t seem to collect them with as much reverie and excitement. Comic book characters have become something of legend and are now witnessed on the silver screen as they are brought to life by actors. People of all ages—not just children—swarm to conventions such as Comic-Con to see their favorite superheroes and villains from their most beloved comic books.
While comics are sometimes seen as frivolous and less than legitimate literary material, graphic novels have become a respected art form that delves deeper into the genre. Instead of being regarded as merely a comic, books such as Watchmen by Alan Moore are long, complex narratives with complicated characters. The late Stan Lee is regarded as a true comic book pioneer of vast creativity. He created characters for Marvel Comics for two decades and, along with artist Jack Kirby, brought to life characters such as The Hulk, Thor, Ironman, and Spider-Man. For more information on Stan Lee’s legacy and recent homage paid, visit:

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