Opened book with a wonderful world inside.
Blog 03.06.2019


Richard Burton, a great actor, and voracious reader, famously said that “home is where the books are.” Nothing makes a room more cozy or wonderful than shelves filled with books—new and old, collected from all over. A room filled with bookshelves is a wonderful luxury: imagine having your very own library located conveniently at home! You can read about new places, all sorts of people with backgrounds different than your own and otherworldly adventures all day long. The scene from the fairytale, Beauty and the Beast when the beast surprises Belle with his amazing library filled with floor-to-ceiling shelves and thousands of books is simply magical. To see the oldest monastic library in the world (located in Austria) that looks like it could have inspired the scene from the animated film, visit
Most old bookshelves located in grand studies are made from some kind of wood—oak, cherry, walnut, etc. These wooden shelves are sturdy and, in many cases, are so tall that one needs a ladder to reach the top in search of the perfect book. No matter how grand or humble your

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