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Blog 05.10.2021

Books With Batteries

Books with Batteries: Which e-Reader is Right for You?

No matter how extensive your collection of books may be, every library should have at least one more addition: an e-reading device. While there’s been a great deal of debate on digital-versus-analog reading superiority, the truth is that there’s plenty of room for both in the book-loving community.

If you’re ready to leap into reading your next book on a screen rather than a page, here’s how to find an e-reader you’ll use and love.

Where Will You Use Your e-Reader?

If you’re planning on curling up on the couch, a favorite chair, or in bed with your e-reader, most models will get the job done. If, however, you’re entertaining notions of catching up on a favorite romance poolside, or a new mystery at the beach, you’ll need a waterproof or water-resistant model. There are aftermarket cases and protectors that will help keep moisture out if you get caught in a sudden downpour, but these can be cumbersome and aren’t always foolproof. Stick to e-readers made for waterside browsing and you’ll be able to enjoy your next novel without worry.

Is Compatibility Important?

Realistically, Amazon has the market on e-readers all but cornered with its Kindle product line. This is true, particularly in the wake of Barnes and Noble discontinuing their own Nook line of devices. That said, they aren’t the only game in town: Kobo, a third-party manufacturer, is nipping at Amazon’s heels with their own offerings. It’s worth bearing in mind that Kindle devices are, unsurprisingly, designed for seamless integration with Amazon’s e-book store. While adding books to Kobo isn’t rocket science, it does involve a few more steps and, potentially, connection to a computer. If you’re an avid reader with a Prime account at the ready, a Kindle is almost always a safer bet. Web connection is another important factor. Low-budget e-readers require a wi-fi connection to work, while higher-end models connect with cellular data for easier accessibility.

Do You Need Versatility?

When is an e-reader not an e-reader? When it’s a tablet, of course! Hybrid devices like the Kindle Fire allow you to catch up on not only books but full-color digital versions of magazines as well – provided you have a subscription or purchase them. Hybrid tablets also offer connections to internet browsers and app stores for email, games, and more. These tend to be more expensive than specific-use e-readers, so bear the price tag in mind if you’re on a budget. The good news is that the Amazon Kindle app is available on both the Apple App store as well as the Android App store, making it accessible to nearly any tablet with app capability.

Individual considerations like battery life, screen brightness, Bluetooth or jack-connected headphones, and on-board storage capability should also factor into your shopping experience. For the fashion-minded, the availability of device-compatible cases and folio designs may also be important. No matter what your digital reading preferences may be, there’s a robust market of models waiting to become your portable library.

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