Opened book with a wonderful world inside.
Blog 06.07.2021


The Awesome Adventure only Travel can provide

“To travel is to live.” –Hans Christian Andersen

  • Books about traveling the world help children to feel as if they’re going on an adventure without leaving the comfort of their current surroundings. Reading and learning about far-off, exotic places instills cultural appreciation and desire for travel at an early age. It’s never too soon to teach your kids about the amazing world in which we live!

Spartan and the Green Egg
“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.” –Mark Twain

Spartan and the Green Egg’s series of five books focus on the protagonist, Spartan, his dog Grimm, fellow adventure-loving friends, and a magical egg that transports them all over the world. They meet new friends along the way, discover all sorts of new terrain and wildlife on their journeys and gain valuable knowledge to share with others.

Written by Nabila Khashoggi (with illustrations by Manuel Cadag) and published by Full Cycle Publications, the Spartan and the Green Egg series can be accessed as an E-reader as well as read along with study guides and a World Explorers sticker book.

  • A Trip to the Rainforest teaches kids about different ecosystems, nature, and travel in an adventurous, unique way. In this installment, the group is introduced to the Amazon rainforest and all its wonders, along with two indigenous Amazonians. “Their extraordinary visit is not without a few close calls, though. After an eye-opening experience with a mysterious Shaman, their own troubles seem to pale in comparison to what they learn. The rainforest is in danger of vanishing, and all its creatures and plant life are at risk of extinction. With the help of the Green Egg’s out-of-this-world technology, the team is able to put a big dent in the path of destruction and renew hope for the survival of the rainforest.” Not only can readers learn about the rainforest but also about the real dangers of irresponsible land stewardship.

  • The Reefs of Mindoro Island: “The team of explorers goes to the South China Sea and visits the beautiful isle of Mindoro. It is the seventh-largest island in the Philippine archipelago where thousands of miles of precious coral reefs, abundant with wildlife, are in danger. Spartan and his friends face a challenging mission: to stop some reckless and avaricious fishermen from destroying the very fragile coral reefs with explosives. They befriend a brave young girl from the traditional Iraya Mangyan tribe, and are presented with an obstacle: in order to save paradise, they must take a huge risk.”

  • Adventure at Wadi Allaqi: In the third book of the Spartan and the Green Egg series, the gang travels to the “Sahara Desert in the Red Hills of Egypt. They arrive in the scorching heat equipped with supplies to brave the harsh desert conditions.” The young friends meet a nomadic tribe of Bedouins on their way to a village in Wadi Allaqi. They befriend tribal siblings Kamal and Samiha and discover an urgent need for water in the area. With Egg’s help, they learn more about the desert ecosystem—but will Spartan and friends find a solution to the water shortage for the arid community?

  • The Poachers of Tiger Mountain is the perfect book for animal lovers and aspiring activists: “Spartan and friends travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayas, home to some of the tallest mountains in the world.” The little explorers make new friends but soon discover the threat posed by poachers to the only two remaining tiger cubs. There are many obstacles facing the travelers in their mission to rescue the cubs though, including armed men, hostile terrain, and freezing weather.