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Blog 04.25.2019

Book Clubs

Honoré de Balzac said that “Reading brings us unknown friends” and, if one is looking to make new friends or simply become closer to established ones, a book club is a wonderful idea. To have a group of people reading the same book, sharing the same emotions and then discussing them is a tremendous exercise that can bring about not only information and knowledge but a new level of understanding. Reading and then talking about what one has read is a great way to understand human nature just a little bit more.

Oprah’s book club has, in recent years, become a phenomenon. She used her fame and celebrity to make reading a mainstream activity again and she brought the likes of Carson McCullers, Toni Morrison, Charles Dickens, and William Faulkner into the homes and minds of millions of people worldwide. Because of her book club, she is considered a pioneer for literacy. When one joins a book club, especially as a child, they are destined to become a voracious reader for life. When one reads, they are able to think with more depth, and their imagination expands. Being able to share a book and the ideas within its pages is one of life’s greatest gifts. For the entire list of books that Oprah has recommended, visit this website:

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