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Blog 10.05.2020

4 Digital Marketing Tips for New Authors

Digital marketing is essential in today’s world, but knowing that it’s important doesn’t tell you how to go about spreading the word. After all,  you’ve written a book that you’re excited for everyone to read!  With this in mind, we’ve got a few digital marketing tips every new author should put into their arsenal of advertising tricks.

1. Host a Live Reading

Facebook, Twitter, and nearly every other social media outlet offer the ability to go live. Schedule a reading of your favorite selections, and be sure to tout the experience that’s coming up so your friends, family members, and followers can share the date. This is a great way to announce your book’s arrival to the world, and it lets audiences understand the tone of voice that was intended when you put your words down on paper. Schedule your event at least a week ahead of time to give people enough advance notice, but don’t forget to send reminders as the occasion draws near.

Be sure to take time to read and address any comments that come through the feed from time to time. Engagement is critical when you’re trying to build a brand!

2. Build an Email List

Easy-to-use sites like MailChimp can help you organize your email lists in ways that make the most sense to your audience. Compile your contacts, then segment them into categories that would be applicable for future marketing campaigns. Maybe you separate them by time zone if you’re planning to hit the road and do a small tour. Perhaps you create a list for people who actively reviewed or commented on your pages so you can bolster engagement with them in future interactions.

Email marketing is said to be responsible for around 80 percent of customer acquisition and retention, so don’t downplay its powers.

3. Create a Video

YouTube is your friend! A simple 60-second video is something you can share on all of your social channels to help people get to know about you and the book you’ve just written. Talk about what inspired you, why you chose to write about the topic you did, and what your future plans are if you already know there will be a second book, podcast, or tour in your future.

Again, it’s important to engage with followers and commenters, whether it’s on YouTube or the sites on which you choose to share your video. Set aside 30 minutes a day to read and respond to comments so people know you’re paying attention to what they’re saying. If you have the time, consider creating bi-weekly or monthly videos so people can watch your new book’s progress as it makes its way to the main stage.

4. Invite Reviews

A simple call-to-action that reminds readers to leave reviews can help boost your visibility on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and anywhere else people may see your book’s title.

Testimonials are key, and the more organic they are, the more trusted they’ll be by future readers.

If you write books and need help telling the world about your awesome words, consider working with Full Cycle Publications. Our team of highly-qualified editors and publishers are committed to helping readers around the globe enjoy outstanding authorship!

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